Let Muslim women speak

Islamic theology has a strong framework for a blueprint of gender equality. I know that this is a deeply unfashionable thing for a Muslim woman to say, but let me explain…

What that means for many commentators is that we may say, believe and do things which don’t fit in with the caricature of a Muslim woman who would be desperate to be “liberated” from Islam if only she knew it.

You may find our voices reverberating with the view that we like being Muslim women, we just want to make our lives better and in line with true Islamic principles. It would be nice if those who debate vociferously about Muslim women would therefore move over and give us the seat at the table that we’re demanding.  >>>>>


One Response to Let Muslim women speak

  1. vps says:

    I was thinking of which Dianna Agron (Glee) and Mila Kunis (Black Swan) had been the very best fitted with the SAG Awards last night

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