Obama camp denies report Biden said Israel will have to reconcile to nuclear Iran

U.S. vice presidential candidate Senator Joe Biden’s press secretary vehemently denied on Monday a report that the Democratic candidate had said that Israel would have to reconcile itself to a nuclear Iran.

According to an unsourced report by Army Radio, the senator made the remarks to senior Israeli officials behind closed doors, adding that he opposed “opening an additional military and diplomatic front.”  >>>>>

  What’s going on with these rumors?  Over the weekend, Shakira is said to be producing a positive song about Islam and Arabs, now Biden’s comments lead us to believe of a potential global acceptance of Iran’s nuclear pursuits.  Are they rumors or is it that in both cases, forces behind the scenes pushed for a last-minute back-peddling?  It’s probably time to get it straight from Biden and Obama themselves and not from an unnamed source in their camp.


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