Islamist militants rise again in Algeria

“We are now beyond Algeria sliding back to the insurgency of the 1990s. But the tragedy for North Africa is that [perceptions are such] that we are nowhere near the point where people can say: ‘Things are better and there is potential, and we can go back there to invest’.” >>>>>

While this article is primarily written for the sake of financial interest, it still overlooks an important fact. The present government in Algeria exists because it shut down the pro-Islamist government that was pegged/polled to win in their general elections in the early 1990s. In other words, the election was stolen, literally.

Why are Islamists, who won by a democratic process – (or least by default for the other side having ‘cheated’), depicted as something negative? Why are we, Western Nations, seeking to find opportunities to invest and not helping the ‘freedom fighters’ gain their rightful position in government? What would we call Americans who fought back if this country fell into the same demise as Algeria in the 90’s and Mauritania today?

Why is it that we are not doing in Algeria and Mauritania what we claimed to be doing in Iraq and Afghanistan – be rid of tyranny and dictatorship? Why don’t we stand up for democracy in those places at least as squeamishly as we do for Georgia? This article talks about the bottom line – ‘…we can go back there to invest.’


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