Indian homes torched in Christian-Hindu violence

Thousands of poor and lower-caste Hindus have converted to other religions, including Christianity, often in an attempt to escape the rigid confines of Hinduism’s complex caste system.

That has long embittered Hindu groups who say Christian missionaries try to lure the poor and those on the lowest rungs away with promises of money and jobs. Churches deny that the converts were pressured or bribed. >>>>>

All this killing and pillaging under the name of religion. Incidentally, it appears that two words do not exist in this story – ‘Muslim’ and ‘terror.’ It seems the Associated Press reserves “terror” for anything even alleged with being Muslim. Yet with all the havoc in the case this article depicts, ‘terror’ doesn’t exist. No wonder they are losing newspaper subscriptions.


6 Responses to Indian homes torched in Christian-Hindu violence

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    Indian homes torched in Christian-Hindu violence | 5-Pillar Column

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