Israel should accept ‘nuclear’ Iran, says Biden

The US Democratic vice-presidential candidate Joe Biden has advised senior Israeli officials to come to terms with a ‘nuclear’ Iran.

In a clandestine meeting with unnamed Israeli officials, which was partially covered by the US Jewish Army Radio, Barack Obama’s vice-presidential nominee said, “Israel will have to reconcile itself with the nuclearization of Iran.”  >>>>>

It appears that Biden is the first one to stand up and point out the obvious.  This is a far cry from “bomb, bomb, Iran.”  This statement needs to ring loud, and most people in the U.S. should stop fearing to say so.  Iran seeks nuclear power as an energy source; Israel went behind the world’s back and produced nuclear weapons; have yet to officially acknowledge there existence; nor is a party to nuclear treaties Iran is willing to be party to.  This over-accountablity of Muslim states seeking nuclear power for energy versus a non-accountable, armed and threatening regional power, which states is not a threat to humanity, but has a UN Resolution rap sheet that begs to differ.


2 Responses to Israel should accept ‘nuclear’ Iran, says Biden

  1. a guy says:

    You fucking anti semitic fascist asshole, what the fuck do you mean, “going behind our backs?”

    What gives you the right to claim that Israel has to check with the U.S. over its national security considerations?

    Hope your home is ground zero in the next terrorist attack….fascist asshole.

  2. 5-Pillar Scribe says:

    While I don’t condone your words; I’ll attempt to answer your questions.

    There is nothing anti-Semitic with what I said. Actually, as a Muslim, I consider myself a Semite. From your tone of voice, you may call yourself a Semite, but something tells me this is in name only. But I digress.

    As far as being a fascist, this makes no sense with the tone of this blog. At worst, I believe in the socialist and capitalist elements within an economy, that when blended with justice usually equates to an Islamist position.

    When I say going ‘behind our backs,’ I trust that Israel has misused and abused much of the influence peddling, taxpayer funding and espionage within the U.S. (it’s best ally) in order to move forth with their efforts on building a nuclear arsenal. As of today, Israel’s nuclear program remains “officially ambiguous.” As a tax paying American, I believe this alone gives me a right to make such a statement.

    If you back up the right for Israel to do as they please, then you should believe the same for other countries, right? Pushing Americans and others to fight Israel’s wars against countries that you believe should not have the right, as you say, to have “to check with the U.S. (or Israel) over [their own] national security considerations,” is something that most veterans and Americans would be against, once they knew what was behind their involvement.

    Seeing as I live in the U.S., and you wish a terrorist attack on U.S. soil, particularly my home; then it’s the likes of you that make it even more clear not to support whatever it is you support.

    I hoped I answered your questions. Any continuation of your foul language would not make it on this site in the future. God willing you open your heart and mind and fight alongside me in seeking the truth…It’s okay if we disagree. Assalaamu alaykum.

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