Islamic Jihad threatens Israel with ‘the fires of hell’

“We will unleash the fires of hell if the Zionist enemy continues its crimes,” said the group’s military chief Abu Hamzeh after the parade by around 800 Islamic Jihad members, an AFP journalist reported.

“We’re getting ready for the next round,” he added, saying “the Zionist enemy will have neither peace nor security while it occupies our land.” >>>>>

What would any other country say, and justifiably so, if his or her country were occupied and the world community acknowledged that these were international crimes? Just think about it, there is an occupation of people who you know hate you, want to be rid of you to take over your land; kill your civilians, prevents you from working, shuts down your banks and economy; or going to the hospital-even for emergency care, where your child dies prior to getting to such care because they need to wait in line and obtain permission by a soldier of the foreign force – who refuses. The world agrees that you’re oppressed, but no one will send help. What do you do? I can hear the echos now, “By hook or by crook,” “By any means necessary,” “Over my dead body,” etc.; I think by now, you get the point.


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