Attacks on Christians in India exemplify ‘Christianophobia,’ says Vatican official

.- Vatican foreign minister Archbishop Dominique Mamberti on Friday said the anti-Christian attacks in India and the decline of the Christian population in Iraq shows religious freedom is still a pressing matter. Decrying what he called “Christianophobia,” he called for anti-Christian violence to be combated “as decisively as ‘Islamophobia’ and anti-Semitism.” >>>>>

Christians, especially Catholics have been facing a media anti-Catholic propaganda, in a great part, through the attack of criminal cases against priests.  While the particular cases were despicable in nature, the intentions seem to have been to get people away from the Catholic Church and onto a group that is more for the imperialistic War on Terror, or frankly to leave religious belief altogether. 

As a former Catholic, it was clear to see the pews emptying and the lawsuits mounting.  Without understanding the ulterior motives regarding the war, it was still understood that the church was under attack.  With this, Muslims can relate.  Muslims, like Catholics are not holding to efforts of prosletyzing more than just seeking unjustful attacks on the institution of their faith, and God, by smearing the faith altogether.


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