Obama’s nomination doesn’t end fight for civil rights

…He said Obama’s nomination may mark a fundamental shift away from racial-identity politics to so-called post-racial politics. But, he added, the nomination doesn’t diminish the need for activism on behalf of social justice. >>>>>

Most Americans still don’t realize that tens of millions of African Muslims [who were amongst an even greater number of Africans of other religions, including Christianity], lost their lives and have been enslaved for mere tools in the creation of the United States of America. Muslims have been forced to lose their names, their religious practice and identity; and forced to practice Christianity in one form or another. While it is clearly not a Christian value to practice slavery, it is incomprehensible for most Muslims to grasp onto forefathers of this nation, when we are fully aware of how responsible they were in not practicing values that their own religions taught, their own ethnic and national identity struggled against, and against the values of Islam, where Muslims from Africa to China and all parts in between have been taught, was clearly against for over 1,000 years prior.

These ‘great Americans’ were considered terrorists by their governing nation (Great Britain) in their day, yet sought to seek ‘freedom:’ They have:

–disallowed women to vote for well over a century, compared to Muslim women having this right for over 1,400 years

–considered the black man/woman not worth a whole human being – by their own ‘modern and righteous’ laws of their time

–had to have a civil war to finally abolish slavery

Even under present-day laws they supposedly fought so hard for, most Americans would also consider these forefathers as terrorists.

While it is not an intention to cause further divide, the association that is attempted is the U.S. – in and of itself – is really nothing to hate or love; it is a vehicle by which people live. That vehicle has failed most folks than not, even in it’s maturity.

Most people can understand and appreciate failure of a project; but how can they ever expect a country to be ‘truly successful’ when the laws, principles and morality of a nation takes a turn that is not only dangerous to its people — but to the world for generations to come?

Blacks, by there very existence, and like Native Americans, are clear living symbols, whereby those who appreciate the understanding of having been oppressed – are constantly reminding conscientious Americans with inner shame. If there is little to no change, expect a continuation of global downfall, not necessarily by race; but because of one’s conscience.


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  1. GREAT POST! Keep up the good work!

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