Muslims find welcome at Democrats’ party

“The Muslim community in America is a surging political force,” Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minn., said in an interview here, “people from all various walks of life who are running for office, who are getting engaged, precinct captains, delegates, local public officials.” >>>>>

Now that the party (convention) is over, can Muslims work on finding more welcome with God? Although politics is extremely important; American-Muslims should not place their position of being ‘accepted’ by a political partisanship. It isn’t enough.

We must also be very careful of dividing ourselves into subgroups; i.e. Mr. Wahid stated “…Pakistani Muslims, Indian Muslims, Asian-American Muslims” (somewhat of an overlap and specified to one region of Muslims), one might be able to guess Mr. Wahid’s ethnicity and race with this comment. Representation of Muslims or Americans should transcend these subcultural groups, except in cases where one is trying to stress that particular subculture. That is not the case in this instance.


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