Iran: 4th meeting of Leadership Experts Assembly concludes

…Occupation and exertion of hegemony over Islamic lands, as well as all types of terrorist moves, fratricide and sowing seeds of discord by the United States, Israel, and their mercenaries in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan etc. is condemned in the communique, and respecting the nation’s right to rule in their own countries is demanded. >>>>>


One Response to Iran: 4th meeting of Leadership Experts Assembly concludes

  1. Hashim Shaik says:

    Islamic Unity or Muslim Unity should be the focal point of every Muslim, irrespective of his/her background and affiliation. Representatives and Heads of Government in Muslim lands may discuss unity but each with its own agenda.

    It is time for ordinary muslims to use the technology at their disposal and create a ground swell that gets the ummah and muslim governments thinking seriously about UNITY.

    Islamic Unity is not about the different branches within Sunnis or the different branches within Shias. IT IS TOTAL UNITY – IRRESPECTIVE OF WHETHER ONE IS SUNNI OR SHIA. WE MUST BE ABLE TO SAY “WE ARE MUSLIMS AND BROTHERS”

    The ulema is not going to do it either (THEY HAD 14 CENTURIES) – but ordinary muslims should take the lead and force the ulema and their governments to preach and practice TOTAL UNITY.

    Blaming the west and its agents in the middle east is not going to achieve unity. Only muslims from all over the world – standing together – in one united voice – can bring about unity.

    Muslims must concentrate and celebrate the issues of deen that are common amongst us and understand and appreciate the differences that make us such a dynamic ummah.

    The Muslim Ummah has the constitution and the capacity to rule the world – but only through unity.

    The young and strong are the life-blood of the Ummah and with the technology at their disposal they can achieve unity. We need to form a worldwide movement (ISLAMIC WORLD UNITY MOVEMENT) with open membership and branches/offices throughout the world.

    We need to network on a worldwide scale, through all forms of media and educate muslims in their own languages about Islamic Unity and the brotherhood of man.

    Anyone that is serious about total unity and looks favourably at the formation of a worldwide campaign should add their names to a list on this blog.

    May Allah bless our efforts.



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