Bosnia Angry Over Gay Festival

SARAJEVO — In a rare show of inter-ethnic unity, Bosnian Muslims, Serbs and Croats were united on Thursday, August 28, in condemning the first-ever gay festival to be held in the former Yugoslav republic.  “It is unnatural, sick and deviant behavior,” said Rajko Vasic of the Social Democrats, who hold power in Bosnia’s Serb entity of Republika Srpska, reported Agence France-Presse (AFP).  >>>>>

Another example of this not being solely a Muslim issue; but one that is shared by most religions whereby they are speaking out collectively against something they deem wrong or provocative is becoming more visible globally. From the start, secularists themselves are exploited to keep the other masses busy fighting them while those exploiting both groups have more time to re-design the power structure of their respective sovereignty.


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